Real estate in Great Britain

In the modern world a person is free to choose a house to live in any in any place of the world. But it is the real estate in Great Britain that is always in demand everywhere.
Firstly, it is due to London, the capital of GreatBritain. London is a great city which has played a great role in the world history. London is rightfully considered to be the best city for doing business in Europe. Real estate in London is attractive from any point of view. English banks, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal family are the greatest British traditions, which are thoroughly kept and preserved. Real estate in Great Britain that can be rightfully added to the list of traditions is considered to be a very fluid asset. London can boast of the biggest number of parks and gardens.

To live in London means to give a good education to your children, get a prestigious job. Moreover, it is profitable and prestigious. Real estate in England is bought by wealthy people, who point out their high social status by doing so. If you buy real estate in England you can easily become a neighbour of some celebrities. Real estate in England would make getting a residence permit easier in future. Cottage will help you to get the feeling of space.

The English language is considered to be international, that is why one is not likely have any problems with socializing. One can get from England to almost any place of the world. Real estate in England is the elegance and beauty of classic flats, houses and mansions. Not far from London one can buy country estate.
Various counties (Surrey, Lancashire, Suffolk) stagger the imagination by their luxurious castles and country seats. The range of prices for the real estate in Great Britain is very big: from thousands to millions pounds.

Scotland differs from England by its mountain hills and lakes, big castles and the prices for real estate, which are much lower. Real estate in Scotland is situated in very picturesque places.

Procedure of buying real estate in Great Britain is quite simple for foreigners. One can either buy it or take it on lease. Stamp tax for buying house estate ranges from 0% to 4% depending on the estate. It usually takes 2-3weeks to make the deal. After buying real is estate is required to be insured. There are easy terms of the real estate mortgage for foreigners who decided to buy real estate in GreatBritain.

Real estate in Great Britain is a really good investment you wouldn’t regret about in future.

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